Israel 2015 Trip

This is a  page for the attenders of the Israel preparation discussions in May and June of 2014 in preparation for our March 2015 Trip to Israel

Temple Mount as it looks Today with Muslim Dome of the Rock with the Gold Dome and the gray Al-Aqsa mosque  to the right and the Western Wall with the plaza in center right. Mount of Olives at top of picture.

Picture of Temple Mount TODAY


  I have added and annotated many of the resources we have talked about in the sessions have added some information from articles in Friends of Israel "Israel My Glory" magazine

Presentations: PDF in  Note Format with notes visible:
Israel 2014 Trip Discussion - Notes View     BIG FILE

Israel My Glory articles:
1. Jerusalem - The Old City
2. Joppa down by the Sea
3. Sea of Galilee
4. Tel Megiddo
5. The Dead Sea
6. The Garden Tomb
7. Mt Carmel

Other Articles:
Migdal Edar - The Sheep Tower


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